The future development trend of plastic molds is a step ahead


Plastic molds are an indispensable part of the plastics forming process. The performance requirements of plastic molds mainly include high hardness, good wear resistance, high toughness, good crack resistance, good chipping resistance, good corrosion resistance to corrosive plastics and processing precision of design. So, what is the future development trend of plastic molds?


 First, high quality

 The development trend of mold steel in Europe and America is that carbon tool steel, low alloy tool steel and high alloy tool steel have successively appeared a series of new mold materials, and the alloying degree of mold standard steel is also increasing.

 1. Development trend of foreign new plastic mold steel

 Plastic mold steel with good cutting and polishing properties, such as 412, M-300 in the US, YAG in Japan, EAB in the UK, STAVAX-13 in Sweden, etc.

 Pre-hardened plastic mold steel, such as P20, 445 in the United States, PDS in Japan, MOVTREX-A (2312) in Germany, etc.;

 Integral hardened plastic mold steel, such as American A2, D3 and H13;

 Corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel, such as 110Cr-Mo17 in the national standard ISO, 4Cr13 from the Swedish ASSAB company.

 2. Advanced mold surface treatment process

 The surface of the mold was treated by multi-element co-infiltration and composite infiltration instead of single element infiltration.

 Coating on the surface of the mold, the coating can be: TiC, TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, Cr7C3, W2C, etc., can be achieved by physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, physical chemical vapor deposition, ion infiltration, ion implantation, etc. Preparation of the coating.

 Second, high precision

 High-speed scanners and mold scanning systems provide the functionality needed to scan from model or physical to the desired model, dramatically reducing mold development and manufacturing cycles.


 The mold scanning system has been successfully applied in the mold industry in Europe and America. In this respect, such as the high-speed scanner (CYCLONSERIES2) from Renishaw, the scanner can complement the advantages of laser probe and contact probe. The laser scanning accuracy is 0.05mm, and the contact probe has a scanning accuracy of 0.02. Mm.

 Third, high efficiency

 1. Widely used high-speed machining technology

 Generally used for large-scale cover molds, the surface machining accuracy can reach 0.01mm. After high-speed milling, the mold surface can be used with only a little polishing, saving a lot of grinding and polishing time. High-speed machining significantly shortens the molding cycle, thereby increasing the market competitiveness of the product.


 2. Combination of rapid prototyping technology and rapid molding technology

 The combination of rapid prototyping technology and rapid prototyping technology is applied to mold manufacturing, which uses rapid prototyping technology to prototype prototype parts and then quickly prototypes based on prototypes. Applying this technology from mold design to manufacturing is only one-third the cost of traditional methods. The rapid prototyping of silicone rubber molds for small quantities of plastic parts is very suitable for trial production. The use of aluminum to make injection molds can shorten the injection cycle by 25-30%, greatly reducing the weight of the mold and shortening the grinding and polishing time by half.

 Fourth, the power of innovation

 In order to strengthen competitiveness, the production of foreign die steel tends to be concentrated from decentralization, and many companies conduct cross-border mergers. In order to better compete, these companies have built a complete and technologically advanced mold steel production line and mold steel scientific research base, forming several world-famous tool and mold production and research centers to meet the rapidly developing mold industry.

 Editor's language The mold industry is a modern process substrate, an industry that relies on technology and quality. Only by increasing research and development efforts can we remain invincible in the industry. At present, there is still a certain gap between the domestic mold industry and its foreign counterparts. However, as long as we quickly absorb foreign advanced technologies and constantly try to improve innovation, we will make great breakthroughs in the near future.

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