What are the installation steps for the two-color toothbrush injection mold?


The two-color toothbrush mold can realize the mixing processing of two kinds of plastic raw materials in one set of molds, and after molding twice and then mixing them together, a product having two raw material characteristics is obtained. The two-color toothbrush mold processing product is more beautiful in appearance than the ordinary toothbrush, so how is the two-color toothbrush injection mold installed? The following Ke Shimei two-color mold manufacturers will come to introduce you.

1. Place the movable mold fixing plate vertically and correctly on the workshop workbench. After the fastening screws are installed, the movable mold pad is closely attached to the movable mold fixing plate;

Second, stack the push plate pad on the movable mold pad plate, and use the long fastening screw to lock the push plate pad from the movable mold fixing plate to make it as a whole;

Third, lay the cavity fixing plate, then fit the cavity into the movable mold fixing plate and position the cavity with the block. This step pays attention to matching the reference of the left and right cavity. In particular, it is necessary to use the rotating shaft to position the left and right cavity. Accuracy, alignment method can use Sudan Red to assist matching;

Fourth, the thimble is sequentially loaded into the push plate fixing plate, and then the push plate rear pad and the push plate fixing plate are locked by screws, and are integrally assembled on the cavity fixing plate;

5. Lay the whole parts obtained in the above steps vertically and fix the fixed plate in parallel, then insert the guide post from the back of the cavity fixing plate, and then use the fastening screws to screw the cavity fixing plate from the surface of the cavity with the previous one. The integral cavity fixing plates are locked together, and the installation of the movable mold is completed.

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